“I have struggled with my weight for so many years and no diets ever worked. After Diane’s weight loss course, my relationship with food changed dramatically. I feel in control and my weight doesn’t go up and down anymore! I am happier with my life”.


“It was a really easy and relaxed way to give up smoking. It was really great!”

Rebecca M – Rainow

“I feel brilliant. I feel in control around food now. I can still eat chocolate but not as much as I used to – and still feel satisfied! I can’t believe I now choose the healthy option and prefer it!”

K.E.  – Macclesfield

“Since I’ve had the confidence session I feel much more confident and able to do things. Even though I didn’t go for hypnotherapy for this, it has helped all aspects of my life”

Lisa – Macclesfield

“I feel more motivated and confident even taller in posture! I was very pleased right from the first session.”

S H – Macclesfield

“I’m more relaxed and actually ready to face my fears. I’m more confident and able to do things I could never have done.”

L.S. – Bollington

“Two sessions with Diane changed me from a nervous, shaky public speaker to one of confidence and authority. She’s changed my career.”

B.G. – Macclesfield

I just wanted to say a big thanks from me and my family, after 10 years of trying to give up smoking, I never thought I’d do it. 6 months since my last cigarette and never felt stronger!

W.E. – Holmes Chapel

“Facing the daunting prospect of a Best Man’s speech and having always been fearful of public speaking, I decided to try and get some help. Diane was recommended to me by a friend. I had two 30 minute sessions with her and whilst at the time I was uncertain of any effect, come the big day I* kept waiting for the nerves to show, but they never arrived. The speech went down brilliantly and I really enjoyed delivering it”

J.B – Cheshire

“I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Diane to cure my fear of heights. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, I overcame my phobia straight away.”

A.I.G – Cheadle

“Seeing Diane for weight-loss course made me see food differently. I became in complete control for the first time in years, and lost weight easily instead of dreading dieting!”

G.K. – Knutsford

“I was in a career rut and becoming increasingly down on life so I decided to try hypnotherapy. After one Confidence Boosting session and one Time-line session, I left my company and had a career change. Hypnotherapy helped me to see things differently. I am very grateful.”

J.D – Prestbury